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Blah, another group.


  1. Group 1 will be open for no less than 36 hours from the blog creation date, meaning that voting will close on October 28, 2013 at 8:00 (UTC).
  2. All voting will done via comments.
  3. Users will cast 6 votes in total. No immunity this round.
  4. All registered users are eligible for voting via comments. The first 5 earliest AWC users posting votes via comments will be counted.
  5. In the event of a result draw, the voting will be extended for no less than 12 hours. If the tie breaker does not end with a result, a random choice will selected by the hosts.


Group 2
Banchina Portrait Chimney Portrait Gatherine Portrait Keimi Portrait Lola Portrait
Banchina Chimney Gatherine Keimi Lola 120px Porche Portrait Sadi-chan Portrait
Margarita Quintuplets Nefertari Vivi Porche Sadi-chan
Shakuyaku Portrait Yu Portrait
Shakuyaku Yu


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