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So after a long break (due to school; like seriously, it has been about a month, I know) arrives the second round~! Also, because I created the groups for round 1 before I started the tournament, I added to Scarlett to this round and group. As she got a "high" demand to be in the tournament, and recently there has been a lot of new characters. So I think I might keep adding new characters if this continues to happen. So have fun voting for six females~!


  1. Group 1 will be open for no less than 36 hours from the blog creation date, meaning that voting will close on October 27, 2013 at 3:00 (UTC).
  2. All voting will done via comments.
  3. Users will cast 6 votes in total. No immunity this round.
  4. All registered users are eligible for voting via comments. The first 5 earliest AWC users posting votes via comments will be counted.
  5. In the event of a result draw, the voting will be extended for no less than 12 hours. If the tie breaker does not end with a result, a random choice will selected by the hosts.


Group 1
Alvida Portrait Apis Portrait 120px Domino Portrait Izaya Portrait
Alvida Apis Carol Masterson Domino Izaya
Kairen Portrait Kokoro Portrait Lola (Zombie) Portrait Miss Universe Portrait Mozu Portrait
Kairen Kokoro Lola (Zombie) Miss Universe Mozu Scarlett Portrait
Sayo Scarlett


Round 2 Group 2 >>>