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  • Cain-chin

    You could say it is imposible at first but read to the end and you will see why there's a potential way to do it.

    All of us know that when a Devil Fruit user in One Piece dies the Soul of the Fruit goes back to a normal one of the same type, automatically.

    First we need a fruit user to make it the lose its power. What do we do? Suffocate it to death (I know it could seem I'm contradicting myself but continue to read).

    Second, when the person is dead (Stops breathing and the heart doesn't beat anymore and no other damage is added) the Soul of the devil fruit will go out of the body in search of the nearest fruit of its type as it recogniced its user death.

    Third, not long after the death of the user doing Artificial respiration/CPR and Pressuri…

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