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    Smoker Vs Enel

    May 9, 2011 by COb11xD

    Smoker Vs. Enel

    While Rear Admiral Smoker is in a venture to find the Straw Hats

    a ship has descended from the skies.

    everybody in his ship was shocked even Tashigi

    It was the Ark Maxim, the flying ship of Enel.

    when it landed to the seas

    Smoker goes to the ship and found someone.

    Smoker: Who the hell are you?

    Enel: i am god.

    Smoker: god. eh?(Hold the Seastone Tipped Jutte)

    Enel: yeah. god of the vearth.

    Smoker: vearth huh? where the hell is that?

    Enel: its somewhere you cant go. haha!

    Smoker: well if you wont spit it out ill just kick your ass.

    Enel: give a try.

    Smoker charges with his jutte

    not knowing that the weapon is tipped by seastone Enel didnt dodge and was hit

    Enel: what the hell it didnt passed through me.

    Smoker: it is tipped by a seastone that …

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