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  • CNBA3

    Armament Haki Confirmation.

    September 21, 2016 by CNBA3

    I would just like to get a quick confirmation about whether, Armament Haki was created to counter Devil Fruit Users, or that Devil Users just doesn't have any natural defense to Armament Haki. Which would it be?

    My understanding is that Devil Fruit powers don't have any defense against Armament Haki. Reason for being and my theory, that since Haki exists inside every living being, it would have come first possibly before Devil Fruits, from what they were seen in labs and such, they appear to be man made so they would come later and thus would be vulnerable to Haki.

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  • CNBA3

    New One Piece Movie Idea!

    April 7, 2015 by CNBA3

    Okay so here is just an idea of a movie. (Everything is pure Fan based and Speculation and is not canon.)


    300 years ago, in the city Chou'Kilith, a massive occult worshipped a ancient evil God from another dimension named Yushinnaga and his horrid minions who once tried to bring about 5,000 years of darkness and drive mankind to the bring of insanity and extinction 10,000 years ago but was banished by a Sea Goddess named Elmia and a mortal named Gremlin D. Griffin, and now intended to return with the add of his human followers, but was thwarted by a group of D. people that barely stopped the ceremony but need a willing person to offer their blood to completely close the portal to Yushinnaga's world. The volunteer was a Monkey D.. The city and all…

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  • CNBA3

    Luffy's Mother Theory!

    March 26, 2015 by CNBA3

    Ok, so this is my first theory blog on this wiki.

    I have been thinking for a while now about who Luffy's mother might be, what if she was a princess or a queen?

    Monkey D. Dragon could have met her in some country and fell in love with each other. But due to their status, they have to be secret from each other. She ended up pregnant with Luffy and had to ensure his safety (like Portgas D. Rouge).

    That would explain Luffy's significant interactions with princess characters or females with royal authority or family status.

    • Nefertari Vivi
    • Boa Hancock
    • Shirahoshi
    • Rebecca

    What are your thoughts?

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