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  • CC23

    So, I think that it will be easier to start out with an analogy, so bear with me.

    If you blow up a ballon, let all of the air out, repeat several times, it becomes easier to blow it up. Luffy stretches his body when he inflates himself for gomu gomu no fuusen, but the bones were never blown up. That's the difference between gear 3 and the other techniques.

    Thus, his bones were never used for inflation purposes and it may have required more effort to break through the boundaries from his bones. During the training for two years, he used gear 3 so much that they probably inflate really easily after their constant use, and that's why when he was in the bubble during the Kraken fight he used very little air.

    This may be stupid or even already state…

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  • CC23

    Don Quixote pirates/ ch 764

    October 11, 2014 by CC23

    So... Out of the donquixote pirate/family members in Law's flashback we have seen: Mingo(obviously), Pica, Diamante, trèbol, jora, baby 5, buffalo, señor pink, machvise, gladius, dellinger, corazon/rocinante, and Lao g. I think that's all of them, it's hard to keep track of them all.

    The ones we haven't seen are Monet, Sugar, and Vergo. Monet I couldn't care less about, but sugar is SO important later because of her power, and Vergo was the spy and a top executive. How do you think they will join the crew?

    I predict that chapter 764,765, and 766 are still going to be flashbacks, but I have questions and I just want to hear everyone's predictions about them. As I said above, Vergo and sugar and Monet need to join, law needs to eat the Ope ope…

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