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  • Burningspidermonkey

    Alright so I just got done reading chapter 721 and I have to say I was a bit lost for a while, but here's what I was able to get from it:

    • Rebecca is a princess and her grandfather was the former king of what is now Dressrosa.
    • The toy soldier knew who Rebecca's mother was and tried to protect her.
    • The toy soldier practically raised Rebecca for the past 10 years.

    This new information brings me to a new conclusion about the toy soldier's identity: I think Thunder Soldier is actually Rebecca's grandfather, the former king. Now before you shoot down my theory, let me explain my reasoning. We learned in chapter 717 that the toys were once human. We also learned that some of the toys had other reasons for wanting to spend time with certain humans. Fo…

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  • Burningspidermonkey

    Hey whats up everyone, Burningspidermonkey here!

    everyone: who the f*ck!?

    ...ok so most of you probably don't know me yet since I don't edit very much and I've never written a blog before. However, the last chapter of One Piece really inspired me to do this, specifically because of all the references that Oda made to art. I took an art class when I was in high school and it really interested me. My favorite kind of art is Surrealism, the most notable example of which is (and also my most favorite artist of all time) Salvador Dalí. I also like Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Abstract expressionism.

    So why am I mentioning all this? Because I believe Oda was referencing a few of my favorite art styles in chapter 714. So in this blog I …

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