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  • Borsalino-sun

    Hi everybody, i know that everyone is wandering about the new chapter and the changes that will about to happen(to be honest so do i) but i have this feeling these days

    about the role that Trafalgar Law will have to the New World...I don't know about you but i thing Law's actions will have great influence in The Last sea...Is very inteligent, his

    actions as i see made always by strategy...shows up the right moment in the war to save Luffy's life..and finally besides that is strong (not too much to my opinion)when it's asked about going to the New world he answered very relaxing that one piece isn't going anywhere and he waits the right moment to strike...So my question is this What do you thinck about the actions who will make Trafalgar and…

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  • Borsalino-sun

    First of all if this question has been answered before i'm sorry and i'm deeply gratefull if you answer again.

    My opinion is this ..we know that lava can melt everything which include ice of course.....but ice can freeze also enything even lava!!

    So if these powers stand which do you thinck would possibly overcome the other???

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