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Poseidon, Uranus and Pluton Relation

We all know that Poseidon is Prinscess Shirahoshi and Pluton is some sort of Powerfull ship. Now the locations of the Ancient Weapons were given by the Ponegylph on Alabasta and Sky Island. Uranus has still yet to be make an entrance in the series but we can clearly say that Urunas reffers to the sky or air at that.

Reguarding the Powers, Poseidon seems to be able to talk to the Sea Kings but I hardly think that the limit to that. The possiblity of using the water at ones command is also one of the possiblity.

As we shift to Pluton. We can be sure that Pluton is some type of ship. As commented by Corcodile Pluton has the power to wipe of an island or a Kingdom in a shot. So what i feel is that the ship should be something terrifing that noone has seen. And then we come along to Fishman Island. We find an incomplete Gigantic Ship NOAH..... cmon who wouldnt geuss why that ship is there. It most likely is Pluton. Plus when we recall the farest person to possess the blueprint of Pluton is Tom-san Franky's Teacher. Coincidence I think not. He had received it on the Island so have a strong feeling that Noah is the incomplete Pluton.

Uranus is the final ancient weapon. As is it a ancient weapon we can say that it is powerfull. As going from the name we can assume its something linked to the sky and the power of the sky or air at that.

The thing that mostly comes to mind is that what if all the Ancient Weapons are linked together. Wouldn't it be cool. What I imagine is that a huge ship (Pluton most likely Noah), pulled by Poseidon the sea god and as for the the wapons, all made same as Sunny's air based. So imagine a super air shot from pluton which is powered by Uranus. As Franky said the ship should be though to withstand such a powerfull blow but when we think Noah didnt need coating to stay in the water. So to withstand the pressure on the seafloor at 10,000 meters underwater of the Grand Line at that, the ship is pretty much strong wouldnt you say.

well this is what I think :D i would surely like to hear your views ovet the Ancient Weapons.