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Location of Poneglyphs

Blackfog05 January 11, 2012 User blog:Blackfog05
  • Location of Ponegylphs
  • So far 6 Poneglphs have been shown in the Aime
  • 1) The first was seen in Alabasta Kingdom's old ruins. (Episode 102 - it was a filler thou)
  • 2) The Second was shown in Alabasta Kingdom's underground passege of the temple in Alubarna.(Episode - 123)
  • 3) The Third was seen in Skipia's Gold City thou i cannot say if its a poneglyph or not. (Episode - 174)
  • 4) The Fourth was seen in Skipia's Gold City again in the great bell (Episode - 188)
  • 5) The Fifth was seen in Ohara in the CP9 saga. (Episode - 275)
  • 6) The Sixth was seen in some island in Robin's Flashback (Episode - 277-278)
  • 7) The Seventh and final up untill Manga Chapter 652 was seen in Fishman Island in the sea Forest. (Chapter - 628)

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