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Ahoy, It's me, Blackendedsoul here. Anyways the topic of this blog is as the title says: eh!!! What the hell does it say? Well it's none other than the "amazing" dense of sirection, ahem I mean sense of direction of our beloved marimo kenshi, Zoro. Now, all of us One Piece fans know pretty well how messed up this particular sense of his is, but the point I am trying to exploit is, in the East Blue Saga he did not seem to have this particular trait! Here are the proofs, while defending Usopp's village, Zoro was stuck in the oil trap and Nami left him, still he managed to reach the battle field (Luffy on the other hand got lost in the way). Also he (Zoro) had no problem in Arolng park with directions when he was alone, not in Loguetown either (Luffy got lost in Loguetown several times). However as we see that later in the story, Luffy though he is an idiot has far better (although still pretty bad) understanding of where he is going than Zoro. For example, he accurately went back to the bar from Crickets house to bring the gold back from Bellamy and also manged to come back for the voyage to Skypea with out getting lost. Where as Zoro could got lost even in straight roads (during the Devy Back fight) or when some one is directly guiding him (In Enis Lobby). From this the question just pops into my mind, is it (the comical sense of direction of Zoro) some kind of idea that Oda brought into a bit late or is it some effect of the Grand Line on Zoro only? I mean all his "getting lost phenomena is seen after they crew entered Grand Line right? What do you guys think?