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Hi everyone,

In the blogs about strength of characters, (Magellan, Mihawk and Enel) many have brought them in with comparison with Admirals and Shanks. Now, Shanks is an Yonkou and Admirals are Admirals. Well what the point of this post is to compare Yonkou and Admirals. Many have said Shanks to be stronger than Admirals cause he is an Yonkou. What do we know about the Yonkous? There were four of them, and old Whitebeard was one of those four, now that he is dead, there are three left. They are the most powerful pirates in the world. That's about all right? We have not seen Kaido and Big Mam, so currently we don't have any idea about how strong they are.Just because Whitebeard was the strongest Man in the Earth does not necessarily imply that the other Yonkou are as tough as he was. They might be just as strong as a Shichibukai, they are more powerful for their crews but individual strength could be like that. I mean even Whitebeard had trouble fighting Admirals, so I think the other Yonkous are at best as strong as the Admirals but no way stronger. Agree or disagree?

How strong are they?

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