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I am here with a blog after quite a while.

In the latest chapter (713), Fujitora aka Issho revoked Law's title. This incident kind of intrigues me, because I was under the assumption that Marines held no direct power over the Shichibukai.

It has been frequently stated that there are three great powers and both Marines and Shichibukai respectively makes one of them each. Isn't it just normal for these so called powers be independent of each other?

When Law was introduced as a Warlord it was clearly written on an info box that he was acting directly under the World Government and during his conversation with Smoker before they fought, he apparently disregarded any authority that marines might have over him.

Now, I do understand that Admirals hold ridiculous amount of authority, already shown when they could issue buster calls from within their jurisdiction and apparently were not obliged to any sort of explanations (at least none shown so far). It even extends so far that they could bestow some of their rights to other individuals *cough* SPANDAM *cough*. However with this particular case of Law just got me confused.

Being a Shichibukai is not trifling matter, and in the past it was frequently shown exactly how prone they are to disregard orders. The only case when all of them actually followed their instructions was during the War of the best at Marineford and that was a case where much more than just an Admiral was involved. Even then they basically did as they pleased, for example, the unruly attitude of Hancock or Mihawk's denial to fight the Red Hair pirates.

As Law, just like the other Shichibukai was supposed to be under the direct orders of World Government, I thought his actions could only be questioned by the Central, i.e, Gorosei or Kong but as we saw in the last chapter an Admiral can just dismiss a Shichibukai (officially) without much formality involved.

In my opinion this is a bit weak on the plot part, would like to hear your thoughts on the issue.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  19:40, July 5, 2013 (UTC)