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A vague topic this time. I would like to discuss the way the swordsmen uses their weapons in One Piece and compare them to other series.

One Piece is not entirely based on sword fighting but is has a reasonably prominent focus on swords nontheless. Some of the strongest characters wields swords uses a variety of techniques.

However, the thing that makes me somewhat dislike this particular part of One Piece is that most of the sword based techniques in the series are quite brute and dull in my opinion; especially if compared to other series that have bigger emphasis on swords, e.g. Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach.

Their is more to a sword than pure destruction, however, till now most of the sword based attacks shown are just balantly over powered without concentration of much subtlety in the execution. 

Take Mihawk for instance, yes he did claim that without subtlety a sword is but a chunk of metal; but in action what has he done so far? Cut through a ship -----> pure power. Cut through ice bergs, again pure power. Cut several people in a single attack -----> speed, range and power but not much of actual skill. (Not saying he does not have skill, he is the greatest swords-master after all, but not much is shown). The only time (at least in my opinion) he actually used an advanced technique not relying on his monstrous power/speed was when he changed the course of a bullet in his debut appearance.

As for Zoro, I have yet to find out a single occasion when he used any exceptional swordplay, rather he just increased brute force behind his slashes to cut through anything. Yes cutting power is important, but the handling has to be smooth and crafty if you want to call yourself a good swordsman.

The other characters who uses swords also never did anything that could be called impressive other than putting insane amount of power, speed, devil fruit ability or haki behind their sword attacks. It is as if that swordsmanship is entirely secondary; however their attitude and speeches says otherwise.

Please share your opinion on the issue. Thank you.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  21:38, July 10, 2013 (UTC)