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There are many strong characters in the marines, I want to know who do you think is the strongest marine of all time. That means anyone who is a marine or was a former marine would be in the list. Also the the strength of each character at their respective prime has to be considered. Now here is my speculation. Among all the known current and former marines, the strongest figures as far as I am concerned are as follows:

  • The three current Admirals, i.e. Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru.
  • The two former Fleet Admirals, i.e Kong (even though we don't know his abilities, I think his position speaks of itself) and Sengoku.
  • The Hero, former Vice Admiral Garp.

I don't think anyone else is on par with these guys. (Smoker and the Vice Admirals comes next, also Sentomaru who is an official marine now.)

Now I want to know who do you think is the strongest of these six (consider their strength at their respective prime) or do you think someone else is the strongest marine. Please consider only known marines and take only past and present into account (I mean Coby might become the strongest in the future). Please comment.