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Hello guys, I am not regular around here anymore - but just felt like visiting once in a while. Here is a blog for a change.

I think older members do remember my corny style, for the newer ones - bear with me.

The topic I would like to discuss is - well as the title says, strange behavior. But don't panic just yet, I won't talk about why Franky prides himself at being a pervert - that is not strange at all, is that?

Anyways, let me elaborate - many a time in the series we have seen a single character confront multiple characters - and with confidence. There is nothing wrong with that itself, but the peculiarity begins when the hype of the the side that is being confronted exceeds that of the one who confronts. Getting to complicated? Let me break it down.

For example - think about the time when Akainu went to exchange ship with Blackbeard - he went virtually alone (with only fodder marines accompanying him) and was presumably ready to deal with Teach's entire crew. Remember just a little while ago, that same crew threatened to sink Marineford to the bottom of the sea and apparently stopped only because of Shanks' interference.

Yet, Teach and his crew fled. Now surely - at that point Akainu could have probably beaten Teach one on one - high difficulty. But being ready to take on the whole crew alone? Wasn't that a bit too much - even for Sakazuki?

Well maybe the guy has a cracked personality - cause he did a similar thing against the Whitebeard commanders (plus Crocodile and Andre) - I mean sure one on one perhaps only Marco would give him some trouble and even that not by much but alone against over a dozen of them?

But lets look into something else - Magellan chasing the whole bunch of escapees - I mean there were at least three Schichibukai level fighters there (Crocodile, Jinbe, Ivankov) plus Luffy, Daz Bones, Bon Curei, Inazuma, etc. How could Magellan expect to win against all of them? Even with his hax df the odds should be against him.

Not satisfied? Look at this now - I bet you will agree to this at least. Pica alone claimed to be able to take care of pirates and marines in Dressrosa. Meaning he (Pica) expects to beat Futitora (an Admiral), Law (A Schichibukai), Luffy, Zoro, Bastile and thousands of fodders (Disregarding Cavendish, Chinjao, Burgess, Sabo and the others for making it a bit even but still).

Honestly, not even a Yonko should be able to do all that alone, yet Pica already took his approach.

I for a change find these behaviors quite strange. Your thoughts?  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  01:01, May 16, 2014 (UTC)