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Since I am back here, I think I would do some blogging too, I mean that is what I use to do. Well since I am trying to take is easy, I won't go all the way (no pervy meaning intended) as that would probably attract hate once again.

So the topic I want to discuss today is about the sickness that Roger had. Well all we know about is that it was a fatal illness and only Crocus could somewhat control it but even he could not cure it.

Now we also know that even with the sickness Roger could fight and fight good as he fought and won (albeit with some luck) in Edd War.

That makes me wonder what kind of sickness it was, I mean it was definitely not something that weakens the infected person's body gradually and makes him physically unable/disable as if that was the case, Roger would not manage to continue doing what he did.

Now as most phenomenon in One Piece are unique but still borrowed in a way (from popular pirate lore or other sea related stuff) I think this illness of Roger is no different.

Come to think of it, the theme might be taken from the famous Novel "Sea Wolf" by Jack London (link here). I think that because the antagonist there was really baddass but had this weird disease that sometime struck him and made him loose his faculty but the rest of the time he was okay. Also the frequency of the collapse to actually happen increased as time passed. Now I think that is the passable kind of disease for Roger to had (I mean as a prediction), right? Normally he remained fit and fine but when the disease struckk, down went the Pirate King (well not for long though).

P.s: Kureha said she knew Roger. So my question is, did Roger have his illness when they met? If yes, then did she tried and failed in curing it? Let me know your thoughts.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  10:25, May 17, 2012 (UTC)