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It is said that Gol D Roger was the strongest pirate and the only people who rivaled him in a fight were Whitebeard and Monkey D Garp. Being that the case and since till this date no introduced pirate seems to have more strength than Whitebeard, we can conclude that Roger was the strongest Pirate. However, that does not necessarily mean Roger to be the strongest person in world; because there are people who were not pirates but still strong. I am here to suggest names of people who can rival Roger in one and one fight.

1. Whitebeard - we already know it.

2. Monkey D Garp - we know it too.

3. Sengoku - He seemed just as powerful as garp if not more.

4. Kong - As he is in a superior rank to Sengoku, he might as well be stronger.

5.All of the Gurousei - They seem to be strong fighters from old days and as they are the top most people, their strengths should be fitting to their position.

6. Monkey D Dragon - He is no pirate so he might be very strong and still not be compared with Roger as Roger was the strongest Pirate not strongest revolutionary.

7. Blackbeard - After he got the two most powerful fruits.

I appreciate your views, thank you.