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I would like to at first disclaim that this blog is a bit on the edge, as it could be judged as a power level blog of some sort. However this issue is not totally under that stereotype in my humble opinion. So please, as a favor to save my skin, DO NOT start wars. Constructive criticisms are welcome.

Now for the topic. As the title says, it is about guessing the relative strength of something. It's speculation, so no facts are needed, just hype. Nevertheless, to speculate to a moderately a accurate degree, the hype should be rational and based on feats, accomplishments and position. Oh by the way, the faction whose power is being guessed here is the Revolutionary Army.

Yes, cutting directly to the chase, it is about how strong the group actually is or more accurately, exactly where do they stand in the power hierarchy.

From what we have seen so far, the single most powerful organization is the World Government. I guess everyone would agree on that.

So Revolutionary Army is somewhere below them in terms of total power. But are they stronger than a individual Yonko's crew? Or do they stand somewhere at the level of a country's power? For example Wano Country maybe?

What do you guys think?

Again please don't start a war over judging the potential to do a war!