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Well it is said that mythical zoans are the rarest of all the devil fruits being even rarer than logia. By far only two have debuted, however as there are already 9 canon logias (11 including filler), there could be atleast 6/7 mythical zoans and they can still be the rarest. So I would like everyone to make some mythical zoan devil fruits (I mean ideas, not really lol). Here is some of my own guesses:

1. Hito hito no mi - model King Yama.

2. Inu inu no mi - model Cerberus.

3. Ushi ushi no mi - model Minator

4. Ushi ushi no mi - model Unicorn.

5. Hebi hebi no mi - model Hydra.

6. Saru saru no mi - model Honuman.

That's al I can think of right now, please share your ideas.