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In the blog "THE BATTLE OF BLACKBEARD AND RED-HAIRED PIRATES MIHAWK" (link: many shared there view about what's going to happen to Mihawk, there are many ideas revolving in the heads of the fans about what is going to happen to the world's greatest swordman. Therefore I am making this blog, please share what is going to happen to Mihawk in the future. If possible make a prediction as to what might happen. Here is my guess:

Hawk Eye will for some action get angry at the world government and would resign as a Schichibukai. He will do it in the presence of the Gorosei, and vice admiral level marines escorting him. Once he resigns, the Gorosei would order the vice admirals, (I think there would be about four of them and sword weilding ones like Momonga for example) to take Mihawk by force to the Impel down. But Mihawk will defeat them, after a tough four against one sword fight. then he would try to leave. However the Gorosei member weilding the sword, will step down and challenge him to a duel. An injured Mihawk would take the elder on and will loose the fight and be killed in the process.