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I am here with a tiny blog after a long time.

I am wondering after Bellamy said that if he wins the tourney he would become a leader in the Donquixote family. Exactly where does this family stands in power hierarchy? I mean they are supposedly weaker than a Yonko crew, right? However already there had been quite a few powerful characters seen in the crew.

Even if we disregard the small fries like Baby 5 and Buffalo (who are both devil fruit users) there are the four seat holders (one missing as per Law's desertion) and some older members who are also probably quite hot shots / former hot shots; not to mention Vergo (he might be incapacitated or dead now though).

Furthermore someone with about 200 million bounty (Bellamy, bounty of 195 million) still has to go through trials to become a leader in the gang; and not just any trail, a trail of winning a tourney where upper mid tier fighters are quite abundant (even without Luffy and Burgess, there are quite a few badasses).

The head of the gang is also quite creepy in my opinion and there are numerous underlings and connections ready at his command. So concluding, the point is, even this formidable a group is beneath the Yonko about which we are quite certain. However how much is the gap between the Donquixote pirates and a Yonko crew (assuming all the Yonko are roughly equal in power).

I am looking forward to hear (read) your thoughts about this. Please, this is not a power level blog, merely a discussion to know where the particular group stands and how much is the gap between them and the Yonko (as per the title) so no flaming please and preferably use constructive criticism. Thanks  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  20:01, April 17, 2013 (UTC)