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Well for the past few days I have been only making a very lengthy arc prediction. So to get out of it, here is some food for thought.

Dokiki has only been stated with the CP9 but it informs that a regular marine has a Doriki of 10. Which implies that doriki is also used in the marines. I think all the forces under the world government use some sort of similar systems, because the rokushiki techniques are also used by both CP9 and marines. Therefore I assume it’s the same with doriki. Now what doriki really is? Is it a measure of physical strength or an overall measure of fighting ability? Why I doubt that it is not over all fighting ability is because of the fight between Sanji and Jabra. Jabra’s Doriki was 2180 only 20 less than Kaku, he also was much more use to his devil fruit than Kaku as well as his devil fruit being a carnivorous zoan made it a fact that he was dangerous and about on the same level with Kaku. Now Sanji has beaten him in a very short time even though he was weakened from the fight with Kalifa. So why did it take Zoro so much time and effort to beat Kaku? I think everyone would agree that Zoro is more powerful than Sanji. So if doriki is about overall power then Kaku should have been piece of cake to Zoro. However if it would have been sheer physical strength then the Giants would probably have insanely high doriki and people like Mr 3 who are pretty dangerous will still have puny doriki. So please share your opinion about doriki. Thanks.