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I  missed this place, really did but since life has not been kind to me, not much coming here lately.

Anyways, cutting to the chase.

This blog is about haki and power difference. Not level mind you but difference.

So basically, haoshoku haki can knock out people who are significantly or rather exponentially weaker compared to the user, right? Now my question would be, when Luffy went to Ruscaina for training under Rayleigh, there were about 500 animals stronger than him, correct?

Among those, was the elephant which he tried to fight but did not fair well. The elephant was beating his ass therefore stronger than him. However Rayleigh knocked it out cold with his haki. Implying he could have done the same to Luffy (though it might have been different cause mental strength should also be taken into account, but close anyway).

Going from there, if we look back to Sabaody, none of the Strawhats lost consciousness from Rayleigh's haki burst. Nor did any of Law or Kidd's crew... I assume Rayleigh did not aim for the Luffy gang, else Nami and Usopp at least should have hit the deck (or ground)... but what about the others? Did he hold back?

Also if he can knock out a being stronger (physically) that Luffy with haki alone, then can he do the same to mid tier opponents? Like weaker Shichibukai or random New World Captain or Yonko division commanders (weaker ones)?  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  08:55, March 24, 2015 (UTC)