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Well sorry for the messy title. I could not find a better one for this post.

Now as you know, my blogs are normally nerdy and this one is no different. I want to discuss the limits of a Devil Fruit's powers.

Let me explain, how far can Luffy Stretch? How many parts can Buggy split into? How much lava can Akainu produce? How much matter can Blackbeard pull in? Well there must be a limit to the abilities.

Now what does this limit depends on? The fruit it self? Or how much you have trained with it? Or user's own physical strength.

In my opinion, when someone eats a devil fruit, he/she has to train with it to make new techniques and get adjusted to it (turning into it in case of Logias). However limit of the ability depends on the user's own physical limits. For example, Akainu can create huge amounts of lava from his fruit power because he is very strong and thus can push the fruits ability to its limits. If the same fruit was eaten by a weaker person, he/she won't be able to push it that far. I believe Luffy can stretch further now than he could in the begining of the series as he got stronger. The gist is, in my opinion, the limits of devil fruit ability is directly proportional to the users physical proficiency. Agree or disagree, please back your agruments with valid discussions. Thank you.