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Once again I appear before you with another absurd blog of mine! *everyone in the background: You don't say!* Anyways, as you have already figured out, I am pretty shameless and thus would keep on publishing this kinda blogs regardless of how lame they are.

So today I would bring into discussion the topic that is very important in the world of One Piece, that is pirate crews. Now my discussion is not going to be about the general one, i.e. about Peace Main and Morganeers (visiting the article about pirates is a better solution for it) rather I would discuss something else.

We have seen several crews till now in the series, they could be classified in many ways and one of those ways is the system each crew operate.

Here is the deal, there are crews in form of armadas (e.g Whitebeard Pirates, Kreig Pirates, Gold Lion Pirates, etc) or there are crews with one ship only, (e.g Strawhat Pirates, Red Hair Pirates, Blackbeard Pirates, Roger Pirates, etc).

The thing that intrigues me is, how can these crews with only one ship match the might/power/reputation of the crews who have army like forces? Even if we disregard the Strawhats for plot armor, the other prominent single ship crews are actually in the rank of most powerful crews). Is it just me or do all of you find it a bit strange?

Please share constructive criticism. Thank you, stay well and have a nice time.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  17:37, May 25, 2012 (UTC)