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Let's make a list of bounties of famous figures. You can both add names to the list and suggest bounties for names given. It's for both active, former and deceased bounty heads

Here's mine:

Dragon: 1200 million.

Roger: 1000 million.

White Beard: 900 million.

Kaido: 820 million.

Big Mam: 750 Million.

Shanks: 730 million.

Rayleigh: 625 million.

Black Beard: 500million.

Mihawk: 460 million.

Emperio Ivankov: 380 million.

Ben Beckman: 370 million.

Marco: 365 million.

Ace: 350 million.

Yassop: 340 million.

Vista: 320 million.

Lucky Roo: 310 million.

Jozu: 280 million.

Shiliew:250 million.