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I am back with another of my rather boring blogs - well excuse me for being born a man without humour!

Now if you guys can focus (and trust me it would be more difficult to focus in this blog than a math class at 7 am morning in winter) I will get down to business. I vaguely remember making a similar blog in the past but not exactly the same so it is not a repetition.

Just as the title states, I would like to discuss about Allegations and facts of One Piece and compare them. Here is an example, Don Krieg claimed he was the strongest man in the world (it obviously was an allegation as the then strongest man in the world was in FACT Edward Newgate). This particular case has already been resolved in the series so it does not hold much interest anymore. So here is the deal, if you would like to to participate, please find out similar cases where an allegation wes later refuted and state them in the comment.

If this does not interest you (well of course it does not, this is a boring blog after all but still...); here is another possible approach - put down statements (in One Piece of course) which could in the future turn out into proven allegations; that is, discuss situations which can in the future be dis-proven by facts.

Example: King Elizabello II's punch can take down a Yonko - there is a very high probability that this claim is exaggerated and thus is a potential allegation.

Well then, if you are not asleep yet (from boredom); then what are you waiting for? Let the discussions go down.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  19:42, May 16, 2013 (UTC) The master of FOREVER ALONE blogs.