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Hi people, I managed to squeeze out a little time for a short blog. I will directly cut to the chase. It's about Trafalgar Law and a certain action of his.

When Law defeated Vergo his slash split the entire island of Punk Hazard in half and this is what seemed kind of sort of overrated to me. To be honest I find this development quite absurd. Law being a Shichibukai is of course quite powerful but being able to cut an island in two parts just like that should be way out of his league.

Remember that it took all the strength of good old Whitebeard to put a crack through an island (Marineford). Even when Teach and Ace, with both being atleast at the level of strength where Law stands now (presumably higher), engaged in an all out battle, it did not cause this amount of Collateral damage, although the surroundings were more or less obliterated, the island stood. The peek destruction was the fall of a nearby hill and the break down of the city. The later being a direct result of the pompousness of Teach using his devil fruit which is by the way, the most powerful devil fruit even in the Logia class, capable of catastrophic levels of damage, presumably higher than Law's own Ope Ope no mi.

Yes, post time skip scenes are a bit too flashy in my opinion but I think with this particular one Oda went a bit overboard. Would appreciate if you share your thoughts.  Blackened D. Soul  Talk  21:58, December 26, 2012 (UTC)