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  • Blackendedsoul

    Kaido's devil fruit

    January 19, 2016 by Blackendedsoul


    How are you people? It's been ages since I wrote a blog here. It's good to back, albeit temporarily perhaps.

    Anyway, I was wondering - about Kaido! *Duh, and his devil fruit or the lack of it, the title can be read, no shit Sherlock*

    Anyway, cutting to the chase, I would like to point out the fact that Kaido has been for some time, almost desperately trying to commit suicide. Now if he was a devil fruit user, all he had to do to die was going skinny dipping. Right? However, as we can see he is still alive instead of drowned, it tries to scream to me that this big mofo actually is not a devil fruit user.

    However, as we already know that another Yonko, our beloved Red Haired, one armed, Shanks is a non devil fruit user (at least was); I wo…

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  • Blackendedsoul


    March 24, 2015 by Blackendedsoul


    I  missed this place, really did but since life has not been kind to me, not much coming here lately.

    Anyways, cutting to the chase.

    This blog is about haki and power difference. Not level mind you but difference.

    So basically, haoshoku haki can knock out people who are significantly or rather exponentially weaker compared to the user, right? Now my question would be, when Luffy went to Ruscaina for training under Rayleigh, there were about 500 animals stronger than him, correct?

    Among those, was the elephant which he tried to fight but did not fair well. The elephant was beating his ass therefore stronger than him. However Rayleigh knocked it out cold with his haki. Implying he could have done the same to Luffy (though it might have been…

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  • Blackendedsoul


    Hello guys, I am not regular around here anymore - but just felt like visiting once in a while. Here is a blog for a change.

    I think older members do remember my corny style, for the newer ones - bear with me.

    The topic I would like to discuss is - well as the title says, strange behavior. But don't panic just yet, I won't talk about why Franky prides himself at being a pervert - that is not strange at all, is that?

    Anyways, let me elaborate - many a time in the series we have seen a single character confront multiple characters - and with confidence. There is nothing wrong with that itself, but the peculiarity begins when the hype of the the side that is being confronted exceeds that of the one who confronts. Getting to complicated? Let…

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  • Blackendedsoul


    As you guys know, I am not that regular anymore but still sometimes I just want to make some blogs at really strange hours.

    It is a well established fact that my blogs are crap so read at own risk.

    The topic for today is about the so called Weakest Ocean.

    Yap, I am talking about East Blue here. Now correct me if I am wrong, but East Blue is known as the weakest and most peaceful of the four oceans. The average bounty of a pirate there is a measly three million berry and the highest known bounty was of Luffy's who left the place soon after receiving the tag.

    However, if we look into the series, we can see that a great number of powerful people actually came from there.

    Let's look at the monsters that originated from East Blue in a glance.


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  • Blackendedsoul


    A vague topic this time. I would like to discuss the way the swordsmen uses their weapons in One Piece and compare them to other series.

    One Piece is not entirely based on sword fighting but is has a reasonably prominent focus on swords nontheless. Some of the strongest characters wields swords uses a variety of techniques.

    However, the thing that makes me somewhat dislike this particular part of One Piece is that most of the sword based techniques in the series are quite brute and dull in my opinion; especially if compared to other series that have bigger emphasis on swords, e.g. Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach.

    Their is more to a sword than pure destruction, however, till now most of the sword based attacks shown are just balantly over powered…

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