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ey wassup one piece fiends its not a big blog im doing its just i was wonder about one of my favorite characters.

Bartholomew ¨The Tyrant¨kuma

I wanted to know why do you think kuma went to vegapunk so he could change him into the Government's puppet ? he was once part of the revolutionary army ! So he must of despised them at one point. I have a few options in mind of why he did it.

1. he had no choice and was forced to do it (kind of farfetched knowing how strong he is)

2. he was doing spying work on the inside for the revolutionary army and to prove he was really the allie of the WG he had to undergo a few changes ( hey we never know)

3. he wanted to meet and help dragon's son (just throwing it out there)

4. something greater than all the above that only Oda knows about.

Anyways i just like this character very intriguing, so if you have any other option of why he did it feel free to share ! oh ya in before i go for those who didnt know URSUS shock = leg hunter 02:28, January 27, 2012 (UTC)