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You know at first when I saw the Strawhats finally headin to Fishman Island, I was thrilled. I actually went "YEAH BITCH!!!" when i heard the news. And now after what 10 or 12 chapters of being there....Im freaking sick of it. The only thing that went my way was mermaids and Shirahoshi. Everything else is eith fucked up or just weird. Ok i didnt like the Arlong arc either because I thought there was gonna be alot of underwater fighting. And luckly there wasnt. Sanji was the only one who had to deal wit that crap and it was in a pool people. Now the crew is completely surrounded by water and could drown at any moment. Im thinking we finally got some fights happening....and Jones and Decken get mirked. Luffy and Zoro are dogs yes, but yall supposed to be da strongest. Then they had handicaps: Luffy is tied up, Zoro is underwater with no air supplies. Decken had an exuse, but went from a shark fishman to a gutted trout fishman. I wanna go to the New World NOW!!! Getting tired of Fishman Island. Oda just have Luffy and now Nami meet Jinbei, probably bring him aboard, get the crew together,say your good byes,AND LEAVE ALREADY!!!! Things I still wanna see tho unfortunatelly:

  • Robin vs Hyouzo
  • Chopper vs Daruma
  • Sanji vs Zeo
  • Brook vs Ikaros( yeah i said it!!!)
  • Usopp vs Hammond or Dosun

if you are strating to get alittle tired of Fishman Island arc, say YES or NO. And vent out like I just did. Sorry for the strong words but seeing that Moss-head get off so easily like that has my blood boiling now AND ITS SUPA COLD IN MY HOUSE PEOPLE!!!