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PG 1

  • Usopp:*walks through the forest and he looks around in awe* Wow , the trees and plants here are pretty cool. Of course any plant seems cool to me as long as it isnt trying to eat me. Heheheh.
  • Capone Bege:*looks at him from a distance and smokes a ciggar* So thats the "Sogeking" of Strawhats?
  • Firetank Pirate: Yes sir.
  • Capone Bege:*exhales smoke and smiles*Then go kill him.

PG 2

  • Usopp:*keeps walking and he hears the clicking of bazookas in the distance*?!
  • Firetank Pirates:*the bazooka unit fire at him from all angles*
  • Usopp:*is engulfed in a huge burst of explosions*
  • Capone Bege:*grins*too easy.
  • FIretank Pirate:*points* Father, look!!

PG 3

  • Usopp:*is covered in seaweed as the smoke clears*Green Star: Sargasso
  • Capone Bege:What the hell?!
  • Usopp:*comes out and rubs his head in frustration* 8. no, 10. I might as well count the captain too.
  • Firetank Pirate: Father he prote-
  • Capone Bege:*shoots him dead* No shit you idiot.

PG 4

  • Capone Bege:*grins evilly*this guy is better than I thought. Everyone, come on out!!!
  • Usopp:?!
  • Firetank Pirates:*20 pirates charge at Usopp with swords and bazookas*raaah!!
  • Usopp:*aims*Green Star:....

PG 5

  • Usopp:*summons his Raflessia plant to emit a super stong stink*Raflessia
  • Firetank Pirates:*get halted and nearly barf at the stench*guh!! Ew! So gross!!
  • Usopp:*shoots at them*Dont let your guard down!
  • Firetank Pirates:*look as the pop green explodes in their faces*aahh!!!
  • Usopp:*smiles*Green Star: Skull Exploding Grass
  • Capone Bege:*glares and exhales more smoke* useless!

PG 6

  • Usopp:How many members does this guy have?
  • Capone Bege:*walks on the scene* Enough for a fleet.
  • Usopp:*looks at him* Your lying. I dont see them.
  • Capone Bege:*cannon ports open aroung his waist* You will soon enough long nosed punk.

PG 7

  • Usopp:*sees little cannon balls appears around him and suddenly see them grow normal and fly at him*?!
  • Capone Bege:*stands as huge explosions happen around him*
  • Firetank Pirates:*cough from the cigar smoke* Father please dont smoke.

PG 8

  • Capone Bege:*talks to them*Shut up and do what I say.
  • Usopp:so your crew is inside of you?
  • Capone Bege:*sees him land behind him*?!
  • Usopp:*aims at him* thats kinda gross pops. Green Star:....

PG 9

  • Usopp:*fires a barrage of bambo at him*Bambo Javelin!
  • Capone Bege:*jumps back and takes out two guns and he shoots the bambos that are only about to hit him*
  • Usopp:*grins*watch your step.
  • Capone Bege:*sees many plants with mouths shoot out of the ground and bite him*What the hell is this?!
  • Usopp:*jumps to his side and aims*Thats Green Star: Humandrake. And this is Green Star:.....

PG 10

  • Usopp:*fires multiple spike ball plants* Exploding Cucumbers
  • Capone Bege:*is hit by the expoding plants*aahh!!

PG 11

  • Usopp:*looks at him*had enough?
  • Capone Bege:*appears out of the smoke very damaged*Hell no!!! Im the smartest man in the West Blue!! Dont think I'll be outgunned by some plant lover with a slingshot!!!
  • Usopp:*looks at his chest to see a huge hole about to bring something out*
  • Capone Bege:*grins* This is my greatest weapon!!!

PG 12

  • Usopp:*looks at the huge pacifista dressed up as one of the Firetank Pirates*?!
  • Capone Bege:*grins*Nobody has beaten me since I stole this pacifista and reprogramed it. This is PX-Fredo!!
  • PX-Fredo:*glooms over Usopp and charges his hand beam*
  • Usopp:*shoots at the ground under his feet*Green Star:....

PG 13

  • Usopp:*is hurled in the air*Trampolia!!
  • PX- Fredo:*looks up*
  • Usopp:*shoots*Secret Move Green Star:.....
  • PX- Fredo:*is stabbed in through the chest by a giant bird made of thorns*
  • Usopp:Thorn Bird(play on words from the thorn bush plant. Those things hurt!!)

PG 14

  • PX- Fredo:*explodes*
  • Capone Bege:?!
  • Usopp:*shoots at Capone now* and also Green Star Impact Wolf!!!

PG 15

  • Capone Bege:*shivers in fear as the wolf gets closer*!!! *is attacked and the shockwave shakes and crushes nearby trees*
  • Usopp:*lands back to earth* It doesnt matter how smart you are, if you're too weak to use it. I had to learn that the hard way, pops.