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Ok people, we've seen what two years of training can do for those on naruto,now what do you think will come of the strawhats. be free to give your guess. do it like this

  • Brook:Use his music to turn people into his puppets
  • Franky:has all the modern weoponry we got, like missles
  • Robin:use guns in combination with her devil fruit power. embed bullets with haki for devil fruit users
  • Chopper: can use his rumble ball forms without using the rumble ball. can control his monster point for 2 hours
  • Sanji: can use double diable jamble
  • Usopp:use grenades and can use his kabuto as a staff in close combat.has super human strength
  • Nami:combined her clima-tact with a weatherball to make her seem almost like a weather witch. maybe the weather balls will be her main choice
  • Zoro:can do the worlds strongest slash, but a triple one with santoryuu
  • Luffy:learned haki well enough to hit a logia, and able to use gear 2 + 3 attacks without exhausting. maye like....Gum Gum: Giant Jet Pistol