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Well after seeing the latest chapter, I have no words for the weakling trio. Only an action........*claps till hands hurt* Congradulations Chopper, Usopp, and of course Nami-san!!!! You have finally become as cool and awsome as I dreamed!! *bursts into tears* I dreamed of this day for sooooo long....Thank you Oda-sama!! For all of you who keep thinking they wont be considered dangerous in the New World and think an over 100 mil. bounty is impossible.....I'd like a moment.....*raises middle finger* To flip u off. Zehahahahaha!!! Now they are still the weakling trio, but the "weakling" is more of a sarcastic term now. That will tell enemies just how strong the Strawhats are.

  • Pirate Captain:*drinks some sake and sees one of his men appear*
  • Pirate:*bloody pirate falls to the ground*C-C-Captain....
  • Pirate Captain:*sighs* I told you not to try to take on the Strawhat crew with only 30 men. Where are the rest.
  • Pirate:*crying*I was the only one strong enough to make it back......
  • Pirate Captain:Come on man, dont shed tears like a child.
  • Pirate:*sniffs*but we only fought 3 of them.
  • Pirate Captain: You mean that "monster trio" the marines talk about?
  • Pirate:*crys harder*no!! They said they were refered as the "weakling trio" of the ship!!
  • Pirate Captain: weakling? What the hell are you talking about?!


Chopper can use Kung fu, brain, walking, guard, and horn point( also one more enhaced point) without a rumble ball. *cool pose* Now thats cooool.

  • Everyone on Wiki: *stares at me*

Beileive it or not, even though Sanji is my favorite crewmember, Chopper is my ultimate second. So when he does something cool, prepare.......for me to be all on Chopper's nuts( no homo).

Wat did yall think of them?

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