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Strawhats Vs Supernovas Intro

After journeying on the harsh seas of the New World, The Strawhat Pirates arrive on an island near Raftel. But unknown to them. A group of pirate crews have been watching them and have decided to stop them where they are. The Supernovas from 2 years ago. They are stronger now after surviving the New World and want to get rid of the "dangerous element" crew. Will Luffy and his crew be able to go up against this onslaught of power.

The Match ups are:

  • Luffy vs Kid
  • Zoro vs Killer
  • Nami vs Bonney
  • Usopp vs Capone
  • Franky vs Drake
  • Chopper vs Urouge
  • Robin vs Law
  • Sanji vs Hawkins
  • Brook vs Appo


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