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New World-Blackbeard Island

  • Shilew:yo Teach...
  • Blackbeard:*eating a pie*yeah, what is it Shilew?
  • Shilew:it seems a pirate ship is heading for the island.
  • Blackbeard:"heading" for us? Surely you mean its passing by. Even the Marines arent foolish enough to do that. Not since I beat down that annoying basterd, Kizaru.
  • Shilew:well the only reason I'm even aknowledging this is because of Wolf.
  • Blackbeard:huh? What do you mean?
  • Shilew:that big idiot went to dipatch of the pirates but when he came back. He kept crying about how there were monsters on that ship and that only you could get rid of them.
  • Blackbeard:monsters huh? *gets up*Zehahaha!!! So "they" finally came here? Took them long enough.
  • Thousand Sunny:*stops infront of the island*
  • Blackbeard:*walks down a hallway*ALRIGHT YOU BASTERDS, LISTEN UP!!! EVERYONE TO THE THRONE ROOM!!
  • Avalo Pizaro:huh?
  • Catarina Devon:hm?
  • Jesus Burgess:Captain?
  • Vasco Shot:*wakes up*what now?
  • Van Auger:*picks up his rifle*it would seem fate has knocked on our door once again.
  • Doc Q:*next to Van Auger*it would *cough* appear so.
  • Laffite:*puts on hat*the captain calls.
  • ???:*mulitple people land off the ship and land on their feet*
  • Blackbeard:*sits down on his throne at the top of his castle*
  • Blackbeard Pirates:*stand around him*
  • Catarina Devon:what did you call me for? I need my beuty sleep.
  • Avalo Pizaro:tell me about it.
  • Catarina Devon:*bops him on the head*SHUT IT!!!
  • Blackbeard:save your strenghth Catarina.
  • Catarina Devon:hm?
  • Luffy:Chopper, break that door down.
  • Chopper:*turns into his Heavy Point*Got it
  • BB Crew:*feel a huge tremor from downstairs*
  • Vasco Shot:the hell was that?
  • Blackbeard:Zeheheheh! That is the sound of monster among demons.
  • Strawhat Crew:*enter the castle*
  • Luffy:*looks up*Zoro....
  • Zoro:*grabs for his sword*I know.
  • Shilew:?! *everybody scatter!!!
  • BB Crew:*jump away to opposite sides of the room as a huge arial twister slash emerges from below*
  • Blackbeard:*looks at the hole with a frown*
  • Strawhat Crew:*jump from the hole and stand as a group facing Blackbeard*

Group Positioning

  • Brook:*standing in the back while tipping his hat*
  • Franky:*standing on Brook's left doing his "Franky Pose"*
  • Robin:*standing infront of Franky with one hand on her hip*
  • Chopper:*stands in his Brain Point, infront of Usopp and carrying a rumble ball*
  • Sanji:*Stands on Luffy's right while smoking a cigaratte*
  • Usopp:*stands infront of Brook with his kabuto being held on his shoulder*
  • Nami:*stands next to Usopp with her new Weather Staff being held infront of her*
  • Zoro:*stands on Luffy's left as he folds his arms*
  • Luffy:*stands in the middle as he cracks his knuckles*

Back to Story

  • Blackbeard:*looks at Luffy with a sadistic grin*It's been awile..."Strawhat" Luffy.
  • Luffy:*glares*
  • Blackbeard:Zehahaha!!! What exactlly do you want anyway?
  • BB Crew:*look at him*
  • Luffy:*grins*I want to kick your ass.


P.S. This is for your entertainment and dont be shy to try to outdo me. I like the competition. Zehahahaha!!!!