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Well the strawhats are going on a 2 year vacation(so to speak). Its obvious they'll get stronger, but i wanna kno how they will look though in comparison to now.By all means, share with me.


  • Luffy:Not too different, maybe add a cape over his shoulders made out of an animal of the forest.
  • Zoro:Hair alittle longer, with a whole new swordsman outfit.
  • Nami:OOHH, maybe a witches' outfit.
  • Usopp:taller and buffer, with tribal markings on his face and a suit made of that giant beetle.
  • Sanji:Hair longer,mostly in the back. maybe wear a red suit with black pants.
  • Chopper:Eyes look more primal,but still keeps his cute demeaner.
  • Robin:wears cloths similar to the revolutionaries.
  • Franky:More robotic than human looking,but is still a cyborg with his free will.
  • Brook:dressed up like Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.