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Strawhat's New Bounties

Well guys, I made a blog post like dis a loooong time ago, but now that the Strawhats are back I thought "hey, make a bounty blog again you dumbass" and well I usually listen to me so here are my bounty predictions for the new strawhats.(minus Luffy). Now since i am flexible,feel free to be critics. But plzzzz dont get anal about my predictions. I repeat. my PREDICTIONS!!!!

  • Zoro:310,000,000
  • Nami:128,000,000
  • Usopp:132,00,000
  • Sanji:280,000,000
  • Chopper:124,000,000
  • Robin:180,000,000
  • Franky:200,000,000
  • Brook:120,000,000

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