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Sanji vs Zeo Fight Prediction

Shopping Mall

  • Mermaid:*comforting Manboshi*please stay with us your majesty.
  • Manboshi:*beaten to a pulp*mambo....mambo...mambo...
  • Zeo:*glares*you're pretty good,for a human.
  • Sanji:*standing in the middle of multiple defeated Fishman pirates*thanks for the compliment, you shitty fillet-fish.
  • Zeo:*glares and takes his fishman karate stance*Hmmm, humans seem to be quite hostile.
  • Sanji: hostile? *remembers the inhabitants of Kamabakka Kingdom. Bursts into flames alittle*WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HOSTILE?!
  • Zeo:*confused, he thinks*was it something I said?
  • Zeo:*charges at Sanji*Fishman Karate:...
  • Sanji:*gets ready*
  • Zeo:*thrusts an open palm at Sanji's chest*Kuro Seiken
  • Sanji:*lifts up his leg and blocks it. 5 meters of the ground behind him shatters in the process*
  • Zeo:*glares*
  • Sanji:*glares*
  • Sanji/Zeo:*jump away from each other*
  • Sanji:*turns to his side and vanishes in a burst of small flames*Diable Walk
  • Zeo:he vanished?
  • Sanji:*appears above him while dropping his foot towards Zeo's head*Premier Concasse
  • Landscape View:*a tall pillar of fire is formed*
  • Zeo:*backflips out of the flames and lands onto of the Shopping mall*
  • Sanji:*looks up at him as the flames clear*
  • Zeo:it would seem I cant go for the quick kill. Prepare for the 2-nd deadliest art in Fishman Karate, "Black Leg" Sanji. *claps his hands together* Fishman Karate: Bushin jijutsu
  • Sanji:*confused*the hell?
  • Zeo:*looks down at him along with 5 clones of himself* Now it's over.
  • Z. Clones: *all the clones land on the ground and charge at him*
  • Sanji:*charges at them*
  • Z. Clone:*attemps to chop off his head with his hand* Fin Cutter
  • Sanji:*ducks and kicks him in the gut*Flanchet
  • Z.Clone:*is hit and crashes back into the the building*
  • Z. Clones:*the remaining 4 look at the defeated clone and continue their charge*you basterd!!
  • Zeo:*looks at the clone*I dont get it. The clones are supposed to have 10x's my power.
  • Sanji:*smokes his cigaratte*
  • Z. Clones:*all 4 jump above him and strike down* Yon Fin Cutter
  • Sanji:*vanishes*
  • Z. Clones:?!
  • Sanji:*appears above them and barrages the clones with a Diable Jamble leg* Diable Jamble: 'Bien Cuit Hache'
  • Zeo:*jumps down and glares at him*why are you humans interfering anyway? This is a Fishman matter.
  • Sanji:it's nothing personal. *heart eyes and dances as he talks*It's the gorgeous Shirahoshi-sama and Nami-san's orders!! I'll beat you to a shitty pulp if that's what they desire!!
  • Zeo:*thinks*nows my chance. *runs at him and strikes at his head rapidly* Fin Cutter Frenzy
  • Sanji:*dodges easily while still having heart eyes*Mellorine! Mellorine! Mellorine!
  • Sanji:*kicks at his chest where his heart is supposed to be*Mellorine Shot
  • Zeo:*is sent flying through the mall. The hole he just made looks strangely like a heart*......
  • Sanji:*sees a huge bolt of lightning*NAMI-SAN!!! *runs to the lightning* Mellorine Walk


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