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PG 1

  • Sanji:*walking through a small city of ruins* This place has everything but ingrediants. Dammit.....
  • ???:*steps in his path* Hey!!! You're "Black Leg" Sanji, right?
  • Sanji: Of course I am. How can you ask such a dumb question?
  • X. Drake:*looking at his wanted poster* Sorry, but this wanted poster only shows the side of your head.
  • Sanji:*gets pissed* dammit!!!

PG 2

  • X. Drake: oh well, as long as you are who you are, I can take out one of the Monsters of the Strawhats.
  • Sanji:*smokes* so you wanna kill me? Go ahead and try it.
  • X. Drake:*takes out his sword and huge 4 bladed axe and he walks to Sanji* indeed I shall.
  • Sanji/X. Drake:*glare at each other*

PG 3

  • Landscape:*giant explosion*
  • X. Drake:*slashes at his head*
  • Sanji:*dodges*
  • X. Drake:*kicks at his rib*
  • Sanji:*blocks with his knee and the earth is shattered*?!

PG 4

  • X. Drake:*grins* You blocked it.
  • Sanji:*grins* You didnt try. *kicks at his neck* Collier
  • X. Drake:*vanishes* Gennpo

PG 5

  • X. Drake: *high in the air* Try fighting me now pir-
  • Sanji:*right behind him* Sky Walk
  • X. Drake:*turns around*what?!
  • Sanji:*kicks down to his shoulder* Epaule Shoot
  • X. Drake:*groans in pain*shit!

PG 6

  • X. Drake:*crashes into the ground*
  • Sanji:*lands on the ground and exhales smoke*
  • X. Drake:*gets up and he holds his shoulder*
  • Sanji: You can still move. Im impressed.

PG 7

  • X. Drake:*dusts himself off* I managed to injure Kaido and fight him on equal terms..... *glares with primal eyes* dont underestimate me!!
  • Sanji:*smiles* well alright then.
  • X. Drake:*hands and feet turn into T- Rex claws and his teeth get sharp. He grows a massive T- Rex tail*Here I come "Black Leg"!!! *lunges at him*
  • Sanji:*just looks at him while he charges*

PG 8

  • X. Drake:*swipes at his head*
  • Sanji:*ducks and kicks him in the chin* Anti-Manners Kick Course
  • X. Drake:*is hurt, but he grabs the cook's leg and he slams him into the ground*
  • Sanji:*groans in pain*
  • X. Drake:*throws him aside*raaahh!!
  • Sanji:*crashes throught 3 buildings*

PG 9

  • X. Drake:*gets on all fours and he glares at Sanji*Soru
  • Sanji:*is hit in the chest as Drake warps at him*gah!!
  • X. Drake:*grabs him by his collar* Is this all the power you posses? Perhaps I should've gone after "Pirate Hunter".
  • Sanji:WHAT?!
  • X. Drake:?!

PG 10

  • X. Drake:*gets kicked in the chest and crashes into a building*
  • Sanji:*fired up* I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN!!! SHITTY DINO!!!
  • X. Drake:*thinking* Where the hell did this power come from?
  • Sanji:*vanishes* Sky Walk!!

PG 11

  • X. Drake:?!
  • Sanji:*above him*Diable Jambe:......
  • X. Drake:*blocks with his tail*
  • Sanji:*kicks him rapidly*Venaison Shoot!!!

PG 12

  • X. Drake:*struggles to keep him at bay and eventually is hit down to the ground*guh!!!
  • X. Drake:*desperately*S-Soru *vanishes*
  • Sanji:*stops and lands on his feet*WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO!!!! SHITTY DINO!!!
  • X. Drake:*hiding* this guy is off the radar. Maybe I can use that rage against him.
  • Sanji:?!
  • X. Drake:*grabs him by the waist with his tail* gotcha!

PG 13

  • Sanji:*glares*THERE YOU ARE!!! *spins rapidly to spin Drake around* Party Table.....
  • X. Drake:*starts to get dizzy so he lets go and falls to the ground*
  • Sanji:*continues to spin toward him and he kicks rapidly at his entire body as he keeps spinning* Gyro Kick Course!!!!
  • X. Drake:*face starts to bleed and he thinks* How am I getting hurt so badly? My Haki should be able to handle this assault!!

PG 14

  • Sanji:*turns and place his heel to Drakes neck*
  • X. Drake:*feels a large force on his neck*?!
  • Sanji:*drives his head into the ground*Reception!!!
  • X. Drake:*groans in pain*
  • Sanji:*neck is grabbed by Drake's dino tail and he gets lifted off the ground*?!
  • X. Drake:*glares* my turn

PG 15

  • X. Drake:*claws at his chest 20 times* Dino Devestation!!!
  • Sanji:*coughs blood*
  • X. Drake:*slams him down and throws him aside*
  • Sanji:*gets up bleeding and he smokes his cigaratte*thanks, dino-san. I needed that.
  • X. Drake:*pants* what?!

PG 16

  • Sanji: Now that im calm again, I can finish this fight.
  • X. Drake:*appears infront of him and attempts to eat him while in his full T-Rex form*JUST TRY IT!!!!
  • Sanji:*vanishes and appears in the air*Diable Jambe.....
  • X. Drake:*looks up*?!

PG 17

  • Sanji:*kicks him in the face and creates a twister of fire*Comet Shot!!!
  • X. Drake:*roars in pain and he lays defeated after the fire rests*
  • Sanji:*exhales smoke* Damn, I ruined my cloths again.

PG 18

  • News Panel: X. Drake : extinct. Cause: Black Leg Comet