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Old Faces and New Epicness

Ok we saw Wapol. He's back, he's in black, and he's still fat. Now that we've seen him, Im starting to wonder if we'll see any other villians from Paradise. Who do you think we'll see again? Kuro? Krieg? Its obvious we'll see Buggy and Croc. Personally, wanna see the CP9 again. Maybe' we'll see Law. The Possibilities are endless.

Alright enough with that. Now lets talk about the new moves we say in Chapter 635. Am I the only one who cried with joy wen I saw Zoro and Sanji. Zoro made a twister.....OF BLADES!!!! Its a bird, its a plane, NO its Super Sanji!!!! My dawg can fly now. It sucks that I have schoolwork to do. I want to make a chapter prediction rite now!!! All I can afford to do is comment on a current chapter. O well. What Brook did was just hillarious to me. His music became what i like to call.....musical weed.

  • BLS: Franky, what drove you to make those marvelous tools of chaos.
  • Franky:*drinks cola*Well, I thought up the Black Rhino Fr-u so I could move on the battlefield faster. *poses*This Mecha body of mine is so supa amazing, It makes it hard to go fast like Fr-u.
  • BLS:*poses*Oh now I understand!!

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