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New Wanted Posters

Maaaaaaaaan, Im getting tired of waiting for all the new wanted posters. I have so many questions. What do the pictures look like now? Do they look cooler? Did they draw Sanji again? if they did.....FUCK!!!! Did anyone else's bounty increase and if so,by how much? These are the new bounties i think they will have. And im gonna say dis now for all of those who might get anal....*sticks tounge out* screw you!!

  • Nami: 80,000,000
  • Sanji:130,000,000
  • Chopper:50,000,000
  • Usopp:100,000,000
  • Robin:250,000,000
  • Franky:200,000,000
  • Brook:90,000,000

These are all the bounties i can think of that would be "reasonable" enough for all of you. Feel free to make your own. And i say.....*sticks tounge out* screw you!! for all anal ppl. Zehahaha!!!

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