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Alright we've enjoyed One Piece and it's large assortment of Devil Fruits that Oda has graced us with for around 20 years at this point so I thought I'd bring up a question that me and my friends always talk/argue about. What devil fruit from One Piece do you want? Now since picking just one is kinda hard considering that so many are epic like the chop-chop fruit so for this how about we put down the top 5 that we want. Granted these fruits have to be canon so nobody put down the Almighty-Almighty Fruit. Seriously!! Don't do it!! I understand certain fruits don't have names yet like Kidd's but if you want that, by all means drop it down.


5: Noro Noro no Mi(Slow-Slow Fruit). Not gonna lie, I'd abuse the hell out of this ability. You can be the ultimate troll with it by slowing things down for 30 seconds and screwing with anyone who's caught in it. Also if Foxy wasn't so weak physically, this could be a real threat to anyone.

4: Buki Buki no Mi(Arms-Arms Fruit). Sooooooo I can transform my body into any weapon I want. Nuff said.

3: Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit). I can shoot awesome laser beams and move at the speed of light!! I'd never have to worry about not being somewhere on time ever again!!

2: Bomu Bomu no Mi(Bomb-Bomb Fruit). Bruuuuuhhh exploding snot ftw!!!

1: Bari Bari no Mi(Barrier-Barrier Fruit). It seems like the laziest power in terms of injuring opponents. You just let them hurt themselves by attacking the barrier and you can just chill and take a whiz if you wanna.