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Luffy vs Naruto Final Battle Prediction

  • BLS:In the worlds of a ninja named Naruto Uzumaki and a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, these two have proven to be pure of heart and powerful beyond comprehension. They first met 3 years ago. A 17 yr old Luffy fought a 13 yr old Naruto to a battle of near death over a piece of stolen food. They met again by force by three entites of space/time. The first fight held Luffy as the winner because of Naruto's lack of self power. The second Naruto evened the score with his new mind-blowing justsu and tactics. Despite this, the two dont have any bad blood between each other. They have formed a rivalry. The score is even, but these two will never let it stay that way. Under the request of Caring16 I have set the stage one final time. Now stare in awe, look in amazement, because my predictions....ARE SUPA!!!

Battle Scene: An open and rocky terrain.

  • Naruto:*walks out of a door and steps on the battlefield*
  • Luffy:*walks out of a door 20ft across from Naruto*
  • Naruto/Luffy:*glare while smiling*
  • BLS:*appears between them in a burst of flames*
  • Naruto/Luffy:?!
  • BLS:Naruto Uzumaki.....Monkey D. Luffy......I am here to grant you two the wish of fighting one last time. For the amusement of the lovely Caring16-swan, fight to your heart's content. you may begin anytime you wish after I leave. Goodbye *vanishes*
  • Naruto:heh, well at least this is better than the last time. Right Luffy?
  • Luffy:shishishi, yeah.
  • Luffy:*takes hat of his head and body starts to steam*lets finish this!
  • Naruto:*grins and turns on his jinchuriki mode*thats my line!
  • Luffy:*star eyes*whooaa, your on fire again!
  • Naruto:*sighs*oh boy
  • Luffy:Gum Gum...
  • Naruto:*gets ready*
  • Luffy:*vanishes and reappears infront of him*Jet Bazooka
  • Naruto:*blocks the attack and is sent flying into boulder*
  • Luffy:*from above*Jet Axe
  • Naruto:*vanishes as the attack destroys the boulder. Appears above him and brings his foot down to Luffy*
  • Luffy:*blocks,but crashes down to the ground*

BLS's room

  • BLS: Woah, these two have just started and their already destroying my "playground". Good thing I didnt put Ichigo Kurosaki in this.


  • Naruto:*lands*
  • Luffy:*gets up and zips at Naruto*
  • Naruto:*glares*
  • Landscape:*20 meters of the earth is destroyed*
  • Naruto/Luffy:*zip all over the place while countering each other's blows. Each clash shatter the "playground" more and more.*
  • Naruto:*punches him in the gut*
  • Luffy:*groans*
  • Naruto:*punches him in the face*
  • Luffy:*head streatches thanks to the punch*Gum Gum...
  • Naruto:?!
  • Luffy:*headbutts him*Jet Bell
  • Naruto:*is hit and sent flying. He stops himself by grabbing on to the ground*.....
  • Luffy:*stares*
  • Naruto:*holds his forehead*aahh!!! that hurt like hell!!!
  • Luffy:*laughs* I wasn't sure if that would work, but I turned out hillarious.
  • Naruto:SHUT IT!!!
  • Naruto:*sends a huge chakara claw at him*
  • Luffy:?!
  • Luffy:*zips out of the way*
  • Naruto:*leaves a huge hand hole in the earth*
  • Luffy:*looks at the hole*wow!!! there's no bottom!!
  • Naruto:*clenches his fist and make 2 huge fists of his chakara*
  • Luffy:*grins*now things are getting fun.
  • Naruto:*grins*yep.
  • Luffy:*charges*But I....
  • Naruto:*charges*will not...
  • Naruto/Luffy:*clash fists*LOSE HERE!!!!

BLS's room

  • BLS:*looks as a giant explosion occurs*well damn.
  • Yountoryuu:*walks in*Hey Sanji, wats going on?
  • BLS: Im letting Luffy and Naruto duke it out for Caring16.
  • Yountoryuu:in your "playground"?
  • BLS:had no other option. *sighs with heart eyes*damn my love for the ladies.~


  • Luffy/Naruto:*distance each other*
  • Naruto:*with blood running down the side of his head*huff...huff...
  • Luffy:*with his mouth bleeding*huff....huff....
  • Naruto:*chakara hands disappear*
  • Luffy:*vanishes*
  • Naruto:*senses him and kicks him in the face*
  • Luffy:*crashes through 2 boulders*
  • Naruto:*jumps up high and charges alot of chakara in his fist*
  • Luffy:*looks at him and blows into his thumb*Gear 3
  • Naruto:*growls as he forms a black rasengan*Kyubi Art:....
  • Luffy:*forms 2 giant arms and vulcanizes them*Giant Arms Armaments:Vulcanation
  • Naruto:*launches down and strikes at him with a giant Bijuu Rasengan*Grand Bijuu Rasengan
  • Luffy:*clashes with the attack*Gum Gum Giant Lead Bazooka
  • Naruto/Luffy:AAAHHH!!!!!!!
  • Playground:*is completely destroyed in the explosion*

Empty Void

  • Naruto/Luffy:*wake up floating in nothing*
  • Naruto:what happened?
  • BLS:*appears*you two destroyed my "playground". thats what happend.
  • Luffy:*panting*say what?! But we weren't done.
  • BLS:what?
  • Naruto:*panting*yeah, we need to settle this.
  • BLS:*looks at Naruto*your completly out of chakara. *looks at Luffy* your body cant take much more. I refuse to let you two fight any longer.
  • Naruto/Luffy:*nod and take out beans from their pockets*
  • BLS:what are those?
  • Naruto/Luffy:*eat them*senzu beans
  • BLS:?!
  • Naruto:*turns into his kyubii form*then how bout first one to beat you is winner?
  • Luffy:*body steams*shishishi, yeah. Beating you would really prove it.
  • BLS:*smirks*fine *changes his body to a dark skined 18 yr old boy with red shaggy hair. He wears cloths similar to sanji and also a top hat* Come and I will show you both who truelly rules.