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Ok guys Luffy has done things that well.....are pretty damn stupid and tight for a rookie pirate. He fought admirals and lived to tell the tale, he INTENTIALLY went to all the 3 navy high price places, defeated two warlords of the sea and has befreind two others. Now I was asked by a fellow OP fan that thought this would be a great time to point out these acheivements and those of the Strawhat crew and I AGREE!! So lets do dis. What things have this crew done that was supposed to be stuff of legend. EXAMPLE: I for one want to point out that Sanji is the ONLY man to go to tranvestite kingdom and leave unchanged. Most guys would go there for one day and they stayed gay. MY GUY went there and stayed for 2 HORRIBLE YEARS and he loved the ladies even more so for all of those who thought he'd come back gay......SUCK IT!!!! Feel free to share a comment like i just did.