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Fight Prediction Luffy vs Kidd

Hey guys im gonna do fight predictions for fun. this one is my first one is just something i really wanna see. Tell me a fight you wanna see and who you wanna win. I dont mind.

Luffy vs Kidd

Location:The New World- a burning island

  • Luffy:*arms folded as he grins*
  • Kidd:*grins wide*I've been waiting 2 years for this Strawhat.
  • Luffy:me too. I gotta warn you though, Im stronger than I was at SA when we met.
  • Kidd:good....because....*large pieces of metal surround him* SO AM I!!!
  • Kidd:*glares*
  • Luffy:*glares*
  • Kidd:*points one hand at him*Repel *sends a large variety of swords and pipes at him*
  • Luffy:*runs at him while easilly dodging the bombardment*Gum Gum...
  • Luffy:*gets in his face and punches*Bullet
  • Kidd:*blocks with both arms,but is sent flying. He stops himself by moving a metal beam under his feet and rides at him like its a mid-air surfbord*
  • Luffy:*gets ready*
  • Kidd:*forms a huge fist out of metal and clothslines at him*
  • Luffy:*dodges by leaning back and he grabs onto the beam as it keeps going*
  • Kidd:*smirks and flys the beam up and high, the plummets down*
  • Luffy:*holds on*
  • Kidd:*Jumps of at a split second as the beam crashes down*
  • Kidd:*looks at the cloud of smoke*
  • Luffy:*throws the beam at him as he is covered by smoke*
  • Kidd:*moves his head as the beam passes by and destroys 3 buildings behind him*
  • Luffy:*still covered*Gum Gum Gattling Gun
  • Kidd:*makes huge metal fists and counters the punches blow for blow*
  • Kidd:*punching and smilling*is this all you got Strawhat.
  • Luffy:*punching and grinning*heh, im just warming up.
  • Both:*stop*
  • Luffy:*activates gear 2nd* Gear 2nd
  • Kidd:*thinking*thats the thing he kept using during the war huh?
  • Luffy:Gum Gum.....
  • Kidd:*launches a fist*Repel
  • Luffy:Jet Pistol
  • Luffy:*punches and destroys the the fist*
  • Kidd:*points his naked hand at him and makes all the floating metal attack him from all sides*
  • Luffy:*vanishes and appears behind him*Gum Gum...
  • Kidd:*lunges his metalized fist back at him*
  • Luffy:*ducks*Jet Bazooka
  • Kidd:*is hit in his ribs and is sent flying*
  • Luffy:*turns off gear 2nd and streatches his hand to grab his foot*
  • Luffy:*turns and slams him through all the surrounding buildings around him*
  • Luffy:*lets him go and recoils*
  • Kidd:*gets up with his googles broken and his head bleeding on the right*
  • Kidd:*looks mad*Strawhat.....*grins sadisticlly* Fighting you is i gigantic rush I haven't felt in a long time.
  • Kidd:*jumps in the air and forms giant arms and legs around his own*
  • Luffy:*excited*SO COOL!!!!
  • Kidd:*forms armor around the rest of his body and looks down at him*now lets continue....
  • Kidd:*punches down hard*Strawhat!!!
  • Luffy:*looks at the fist come and smiles slightly*
  • Kidd:*destroys 20 surrounding buildings*
  • Kidd:*lifts his arm and looks for luffy*
  • Luffy:*hangs on the arm and swings ontop of it*
  • Luffy:*runs on the arm and jumps at his torso*Gum Gum....
  • Kidd:*quicklly manuvers and bumps his fist together with luffy in the middle*
  • Luffy:*holds the fists back and claps his feet together*Gum Gum....
  • Luffy:*kicks him in the face*Spear
  • Kidd:*is pushed back*
  • Luffy:*stretches at one of the arms again and activates gear 2nd*
  • Kidd:*grabs at him*
  • Luffy:*vanishes and reappears infront of him*Gum Gum Jet Bazooka
  • Kidd:*is hit in the chest and his chest armor is broken*what?
  • Luffy:*thinking*haki is really useful, really gotta thank Rayleigh again.
  • Kidd:*jumps up and steps down on luffy*
  • Luffy:*is stepped on hard into the ground*
  • Kidd:*takes his foot off and brings down both his fists*
  • Luffy:*looks and glares*basterd
  • Kidd:*causes another shockwave*
  • Luffy:*appears behind him*Gum Gum Jet Axe
  • Kidd:*has one of his metal arms chopped off*
  • Kidd:*grabs him with the other*
  • Kidd:*activates cannons in his hand*now your mine!
  • Luffy:*shocked*
  • Kidd:*fires rapidlly and throws him down*
  • Kidd:*looks down at him*
  • Luffy:*gets up with his cloths singed*
  • Kidd:*aims his giant fist at him*Repel
  • Luffy:*deflects the giant fist with one hand*
  • Luffy:Gum Gum Whip
  • Kidd:*legs are cut off*
  • Luffy:*watches him land as his armor streatches around his whole body now*
  • Kidd:*runs at him and punches*
  • Luffy:*dodges and kicks at his face*
  • Kidd:*blocks, but his armor is broken*
  • Kidd:*punches him in the gut,face twice then kicks him back*
  • Kidd:*exudes knifes and wolverine stabs at his head with both hands*die!!!
  • Luffy:*ducks and hits him in the gut*Gum Gum Rifle
  • Kidd:*coughs blood as his armor is almost halfway destroyed*
  • Luffy:*kicks him high into the air*
  • Kidd:*levitates in the air using his power and he aims 2 cannons from his shoulders*
  • Luffy:*looks up at him*
  • Kidd:*fires at him 10 times*
  • Luffy:*stands there and takes it all*
  • Luffy:*emerges from the smoke dirty, but unphased*
  • Kidd:*lands*lets end this
  • Kidd:*levitatess 100 cannons around him*
  • Luffy:*grins*well at least it was fun fighting you *activates gear 2nd one last time*
  • Kidd:*fires them all*your damn right!!!!
  • Luffy:*lunges at the bombardment and destroys it*Gum Gum Jet Gattling Gun
  • Luffy:*runing at him*and Gum Gum...
  • Kidd:*punches*
  • Luffy:*teleports to his right*Jet Cannon
  • Kidd:*is hit and severlly wounded as he is sent flying through 12 buildings*
  • Luffy:*back to norma and puts his hat on*well that was fun.
  • Luffy:*eyes twinkle as he walks away*I wonder if Franky could make the Sunny look as cool as that giant metal man he made.
  • Kidd:*wakes up 2 hours later by his crew*
  • Killer:*arm all slashed up*Kidd you alright?
  • Kidd:*naw Killer, I lost, for the first time the entire 2 years we've been here.
  • Kidd:i must get stronger, I will get my rematch.


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