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PG 1

On the sea of the New World

  • Navy soldier#1:*looking out to the sea* this is weird.
  • Navy soldier#2:*sitting down*what do you mean?
  • Navy Soldier#1:well I've only been here for a year, but a single day hasn't gone by without some kinda of dangerous weather. So how is it the sky looks so clear and the sea so calm
  • Navy Soldier#2:hhmm, good point. You know....
  • Navy Soldier#1:*turns to him*hm?

PG 2

  • Navy Soldier#2:*creepy face*they say even hell itself will become calm and tranquile for a bit, seconds before Satan himself arrives to take your soul!!
  • Navy Soldier#1:*looks like he is about to wet himself*
  • Navy Soldier#2:*laughs*of course thats just a load of crap!! hahahaha!!

PG 3

  • Navy Soldier#1:*nervous*r-right.
  • Ocean nearby:*bubbles*
  • Navy Soldier#1/2:*look down*hm?
  • Thousand Sunny:*emerges right next to the marine ship*
  • Navy Soldiers:HOLY SHIIIT!!!

PG 4

  • Luffy:*stands on the Sunny's figurehead*aahh!!!! I forgot how good the sun felt!!
  • Navy Soldier#2:*sees a huge bubble emerge behind the Sunny*what the hell is that?!
  • Navy Soldier#1:*looks through binoculars*no way. Thats.....Fishman Island!

PG 5

  • Luffy:*looks back*whoa!!! Look Jinbe, scaredy-cat took my advice!
  • Jinbe:*dramatic face*THAT WAS YOUR ADVICE!!!
  • Luffy:shishishi yep.
  • Zoro:*looks*hey Luffy, looks like we came back next to a Marine Battleship.
  • Chopper/Usopp/Nami:*freak out*its Sky Island all over again!
  • Robin:*giggles*yes,but backwards.

PG 6

  • Marine Captain:*walks out to the deck*what are we dealing with no-*gasps*
  • Luffy:*waves at the captain*Hey!!! Is this the New World?
  • Marine Captain:oh, yes weclome to the Ne-Wait a minute, your a pirate!! All hands prepare for battle!!!
  • Luffy:*confused*was it something I said?

PG 7

  • Jinbe:Is it always like this?
  • Sanji:yep, welcome to the ship.
  • Jinbe:*sighs*
  • Marine Captain:arrest them all
  • Marines:*jump aboard the Sunny*yes sir!
  • Usopp:*aims his black Kabuto at them*Green Star...

PG 8

  • Usopp:*shoots spikey balls at them*Exploding Cucumber
  • Marines:*are hit by the exploding plants*aahh!!
  • Chopper:*runs to some marines*Kung-Fu Point
  • Marine Captain:*watches as his troops are hit overboard*dammit.
  • Robin:*jumps aboard the battleship*
  • Marine Captain:*glares*N-Nico Robin?! *grabs for his sword*
  • Robin:*smiles*

PG 9

  • Marine Captain:*sends a horizontal slash towards her*
  • Robin:*ducks and shoots his sword out of his hands*
  • Marine Captain:*falls and holds his bleeding hand*
  • Robin:*stands over him*

PG 10

  • Zoro:*glares*keep on your side of the battle, Ero-Cook!
  • Sanji:*glares*I was gonna say that to you, Mega Marimo!
  • Huge Marine:*slashes down* die pirate scum!!
  • Zoro/Sanji:*glare at him*shut it!!
  • Huge Marine:*is hurled overboard by slashes and flames*gah!!!

PG 11

  • Robin:*on the sunny*hey Luffy.
  • Luffy:*holding a marine by his collar*huh?
  • Robin:I got all their food.
  • Luffy:*grins*alright!! victory is ours!!!
  • Brook:*cuts a marine down*Yohohoho!!! Luffy-san will never change.
  • Nami:*zaps some marines around*tell me about it.

PG 12

  • Franky:Jinbe, man the rudder!! Im about to use the Coup de Burst!
  • Jinbe:*takes the helm*got it!
  • Marine Captain:*tied up with rope*I cant let those pirates leave. Admiral Smoker will kill me.
  • ???:*cuts his ropes*whats going on captain?
  • Marine Captain:s-s-sir, we had a situation while you were sleep!
  • ???:oh. *walks to the deck*well let me check it out.

PG 13

  • Luffy:Jet Bazooka
  • Marines:*are blown back to the battleship*
  • Luffy:*turns away*alright lets go
  • ???:Luffy-san!!
  • Luffy:*turns around*that voice...
  • Sunny:*Bursts away*

PG 14

  • Marine:*looks up in pain*Vice-Admiral Coby.
  • Coby:*a tall man with large hair and googles on his forhead grins and looks at the Sunny fly away*well, it seems I missed you this time, Luffy-san.