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Yo guys, hey i was wondering something about the upcoming crew battle in Fishman Island. As you know Hody overdosed on energy streroids because he got badlly wounded by Zoro and became..........A SUPER SAIYAN!!! Now after seeing that, what's to say the other officers wont do the same. *Doflamingo voice*Things would get very interesting. Now what do you think the officers would look like if they also went........SUPER SAIYAN?!?!?!

Heres what I think, Zeheheh:

  • Ikaros: Would became 2 or 3x taller and his arms would become longer than his body, giving him a muuuuuch long reach. A Luffy reach even.
  • Hyouzo: Im imagining a drunk swordsman on crack. Thats all i can say.
  • Daruma: skin will turn pitch black and his cloths will turn white. And just to make matters worse, he looks turns all big and buff. Like the Hulk or Nightmare Luffy.
  • Zeo: turn slightly bigger and his tentical mouth will droop down to his knees. *chuckling* like the weirdest beard in history.
  • Dosun: *grining*now Dosun.....will become skinny. I was thinking about the whole Freiza affect.

Zehahaha!!!! Anyway this is my Doped out New Fishman Pirates. What do you think? Got anything better? Oh and just for the hell of it, tell me what you think Decken would look like.