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I kno im supposed to be a Sanji fan, but I still cant stop thinking of what Chopper has done for the past 2 years. That form on Chapter 628 has me SUPA intriged. After reviewing Kung Fu Point I have come to a theory or two.

  • Theory #1: Perhaps Chopper learned new forms useful for battle, like the slicing point I made up in my Chopper vs Daruma Prediction. Also he may have found a way to enhance his previous forms as well, like his guard point.
  • Theory #2: Perhaps he learned how to fuse certain points to make his rumble ball's time less short. Kung Fu point does utilize parts of Arm,jumping,and walking point. The point on the cover could've also been a fusion of points. Perhaps a fusion of Horn,Brain,and Jumping Point.

These are my theories, what do you guys think about them? Does anyone else have and theories of their own?